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Welcome to Track Courier now (courier tracking system). Our UMS Tracking system helps you to find the current info of your courier, parcel and package in one click. Just fill the form with UMS tracking number and submit it.

What Is UMS?

UMS is Urgent Mail Service, offered by Pakistan Post. It is a fast and secure overnight/2nd day home delivery service in Pakistan. With an extensive network, UMS covers various locations across Pakistan, providing a convenient solution for sending documents and parcels.

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What Is UMS Tracking Number (ID)?

When you or anyone go to the Pakistan Post office and ask to give them to deliver documents/articles on an urgent basis (night delivery/ same day delivery), after fulfilling the necessary details, they assign a Tracking number(ID). This

How To Track UMS?

You can know your UMS courier detail through a Tracking ID given by the company. You just have to input the number in the search box given above in this post and press the submit button. You can also check it on the official website and do the same process.

Check Via Mobile App

Pakistan Post had launched its official mobile app for its customers. You can check your parcel status through the PP App. Just download the app, and register it on your number. Then login into the app and input the tracking number.

Key Feature of UMS

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UMS is designed to offer efficient and secure deliveries. Here are the key highlights of this service:

Fast and Reliable: UMS ensures prompt delivery, with documents and parcels reaching their destination within an overnight or 2nd-day timeframe.

Extensive Network: UMS covers numerous cities and towns, enabling customers to access the service from different locations, fostering nationwide connectivity.

Secure Dispatch: Pakistan Post has implemented strict guidelines to prohibit the transportation of restricted items, ensuring the safety and protection of both senders and recipients.

Track and Trace System: UMS employs a computerized track and trace system that allows customers to monitor their shipments in real time, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

For the latest and updated price and courier prices you must visit our Pakistan Post UMS Rate Calculator online.

Products And Services

UMS offers a versatile product mix to cater to diverse delivery requirements. Let’s explore the key categories within the UMS product mix:

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UMS (Local)

This category focuses on delivering items within the same city or town, ensuring efficient transportation of urgent mail in a localized area.

UMS (City to City)

UMS facilitates deliveries between different cities or towns, bridging geographical gaps and enabling seamless communication across locations.

UMS (Counter Collection)

UMS-CC provides recipients with the convenience of collecting their articles from the General Post Office (GPO) or GPO (NPO) Counter in the destination city, adding a personal touch to the delivery process.

UMS Weight And Size Limitations

To maintain efficiency and streamline operations, UMS has specific weight and size limitations. Here are the details:

Maximum Weight: UMS articles should not exceed a weight limit of 30 kilograms.

Maximum Size:

  • UMS articles should not exceed 1.50 meters in length
  • The combined length and width should not exceed 2.00 meters

These limitations ensure the secure handling and transportation of items while maintaining overall service efficiency.

Pick-up and Credit Facility

For the convenience of bulk customers, including commercial organizations, institutions, and multinational companies, UMS offers a pick-up and credit facility. By completing a registration form, customers can schedule pick-ups by Express Post Pick Up Couriers, minimizing the need for physical visits to post offices.

UMS Tariff

UMS tariffs are based on weight and vary depending on the type of service. The rates for walking customers are as follows:

Type of ServiceWeight up to 250 gmWeight up to 500 gmAdditional Fee
for every 500 gm
UMS (Local)Rs. 51/-Rs. 64/-Rs. 26/-
UMS (City to City)Rs. 86/-Rs. 132/-Rs. 43/-

Corporate customers may enjoy discounted tariff rates. For more information on discounted rates, customers are advised to contact their local Postal Officers, Deputy Postmasters General, or Postmasters General.

GST (General Sales Tax)

GST rates vary across different regions in Pakistan. The following GST rates apply to UMS services in specific areas:

  • Islamabad: 16%
  • Pakhtunkhwa: 15%
  • Punjab: 16%
  • Sindh: 13%
  • Balochistan: 15%

These rates ensure compliance with tax regulations and maintain transparency within the service.

Final Words

Pakistan Post’s Urgent Mail Service (UMS) offers a reliable and efficient solution for swift document and parcel delivery. With its extensive network, secure handling, and track and trace system, UMS provides customers with peace of mind. Whether it’s local or city-to-city delivery, UMS caters to diverse needs, ensuring timely and secure transportation. With UMS, Pakistan Post is committed to delivering excellence throughout the nation.

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