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Welcome to our platform, we provide seamless logistics solutions to meet customers’ demands. Our website brings a revolutionary experience by offering a comprehensive Yanwen tracking facility. All you need is to enter your Yanwen Tracking Number in the tracking field given below and hit the “Track Now” button. You will see detailed information about the current status of your package, including its location, shipping stage, and estimated delivery time.

What Is Yanwen Tracking? Everything You Need To Know

Yanwen is a Chinese courier company that provides international shipping services. Yanwen tracking is an essential part of its shipping services. It allows customers to track their packages in real-time from the moment they leave the warehouse until they reach their doorstep. For now, we will provide a detailed guide on Yanwen tracking and answer some frequently asked questions about the company.

What Is Yanwen Tracking Number And How Does It Look Like?

The Yanwen tracking number is like a unique, special code just for your package. It helps you follow where your package is and see how it’s doing while it’s on its way to you. Usually, this code starts with two big letters, then nine numbers, and ends with two more big letters. But this code can change a bit depending on how your package is sent and which delivery service is taking care of it. Here are some examples of Yanwen tracking numbers:

  • Yanwen: starts with “YWPT” and has numbers and letters like “YWPT987654321”.
  • Yanwen Express: starts with “YE” and has numbers and letters like “YE345612309”.
  • Yanwen China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus: starts with “LP” and has numbers and letters like “LP114660789”.
  • Yanwen Special Line: starts with “SY” and has numbers and letters like “SY816306005”.

If you got a tracking number from the seller or in an email when you bought something, you can use it on the Yanwen website or third-party websites like trackcouriernow.com to follow where your package is going.

How do I track my Yanwen package?

To find where your Yanwen package is:

  • Go to the Yanwen tracking site or try a third-party tracking website like Track Courier Now.
  • Put your tracking number in the right spot (designated input field).
  • When you enter the number and hit the “Track Now” button, you’ll see lots of details about your package: where it is now, how it’s traveling, and when it might arrive.
Yanwen Tracking Guide

Track Through WeChat Help

You can also Track your Yanwen package, shipment, And courier through WeChat Social media app.

  • Install WeChat app on Android and iOS devices (depending on which device you use).
  • Configure your profile in WeChat if you are new to WeChat, Ignore if you are already using the service.
  • Scan the barcode given below to connect with Yanwen Wechat channel.

You are done!

Yanwen Customer Service Numbers

You can communicate with Yanwen Express, or YunExpress, and inquiries about your concerns regarding shipments. Customers can typically reach out through various channels:

Customer Support: Utilize the customer service contact provided on the YunExpress website or the platform where the order was placed. Call On the Following Numbers:

  • +86-400-108-5656
  • +86-106-462-1881
  • +86-158-380-21677
  • +86-157-154-48958
  • +86-158-302-26399
  • +86-156-018-66932
  • +86-188-301-87796
  • +86-596-240-7042
  • +86-152-522-90086
  • +86-181-298-13313
  • +86-132-028-25323
  • +86-185-119-52977
  • +86-132-338-67101

Email Support: Yanwen often provides email addresses for customer queries or issues:

Email contact: marketing@yw56.com.cn Or info@yw56.com.cn

Commonly Asked Questions

Who Delivers Yanwen Package in the USA?

In the United States, Yanwen Express collaborates with local courier services or carriers to ensure delivery. The last-mile delivery within the US is typically handled by carriers such as USPS or other local delivery services.

Does Amazon use Yanwen?

Amazon’s use of Yanwen Express as a shipping carrier can vary. While Yanwen is utilized by various e-commerce businesses, Amazon’s choice of carriers often depends on various factors like location, shipping method, and agreements with specific logistics partners.

Who Uses Yanwen Tracking?

Various e-commerce platforms, sellers, and customers worldwide (including USA, Canada) utilize Yanwen tracking services for monitoring the shipment of their goods. It’s a popular choice for cross-border shipments due to its efficiency and global reach.

Is Yanwen shipping fast? Yanwen Shipping Speed

Yanwen’s shipping speed can vary depending on factors like shipping method chosen, destination, customs clearance, and any unforeseen delays in transit. While it offers cost-effective shipping solutions, the exact speed may differ for different service levels.

Does Yanwen use FedEx? Partnership with FedEx

Yanwen and FedEx collaborate on specific shipments or services, but it’s not the primary or exclusive partnership for Yanwen. Yanwen typically operates with its network of carriers and logistics partners for its shipping services. In essence, YunExpress, known as Yanwen Express, plays a significant role in the global logistics landscape, offering reliable tracking services and facilitating seamless deliveries for businesses and customers worldwide. With its efficient tracking system and collaborations with various carriers, Yanwen ensures the smooth transit of packages across borders, contributing to the efficiency of the e-commerce ecosystem.

What is the difference between Yanwen Track and other Tracing services?

Yanwen tracking is a system that allows customers to track their packages in real-time from the moment they leave the warehouse until they reach their doorstep. It is provided by the Chinese courier company Yanwen, which offers international shipping services. Other tracking services, such as USPS, FedEx, and DHL, are provided by different courier companies and cover a broader range of countries (USA, Canada) and shipping options. The main differences between Yanwen tracking and other tracking services are:

Coverage: Yanwen tracking is primarily focused on packages shipped from China to other countries, while other tracking services cover a broader range of countries and shipping options.

Affordability: Yanwen tracking is generally more affordable than other tracking services, but it may have slower transit times.

Real-time updates: Yanwen tracking offers real-time updates on package status and location, while other tracking services may provide more basic tracking information.

Does AliExpress use Yanwen?

Yes, a large number of AliExpress and Wish sellers ship small items with Yanwen Economic Airmail.

What should I do if my Yanwen package is lost or delayed?

If your Yanwen package is lost or delayed, follow these steps:

  • Wait for at least 24 hours before reloading the tracking number
  • Check the tracking information provided by Yanwen or a third-party tracking solution for updates on your package’s status and location.
  • If there is no update on your package’s status or location after 24 hours, contact Yanwen’s customer service for assistance and resolution.

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