YRC TRACKING | Trace Freight Shipment With Detail

Our YRC Tracking tool offers a convenient means to keep tabs on your shipment. Now, We are offering the freedom to monitor its progress at your convenience, from virtually anywhere. So, ready your fingers, type your YRC shipment number in the search field, and tap on the “Track Now” button. You will instantly get the latest and updated info about your freight, parcel, courier, or shipment.

How To Use YRC Tracking Tool?

Below, you’ll discover insights into its features and useful insights to ensure that you know everything before using this tool. The tool is now fully featured and accessible.

Access Features:

  • Key in your reference number
  • No need for origin or destination zip codes.
  • Streamline your tracking process by copying and pasting up to 10 PROs with Multi PRO Entry.
  • Flexibility to add or remove PROs as required.
  • Conveniently recall your previous reference number entries.
  • Get guidance on understanding what a PRO number is and where to locate it on a bill of lading (BOL).
  • Guidance on rectifying a mistakenly entered Pro number in the wrong reference type field.

Selecting Your Shipment:

  • All shipments matching your search criteria will be presented.
  • If multiple results arise, you can easily utilize the city/zip filter to pinpoint the exact shipment you intend to track.

Shipment Details Report:

  • Access the same status information that’s presently available.
  • Receive valuable tips pertaining to various date fields.
  • Request continuous Shipment Notifications for real-time updates.
  • Engage in a live chat with our Customer Service specialists.
  • Choose to receive email notifications on the status of multiple shipments.
  • Access the option to print comprehensive Shipment details.

YRC Tracking Number

  1. PRO Number: YRC’s unique shipment identifier, known as a PRO (Progressive Rotating Order) number. The PRO Number, a distinctive 9 to 11 digit identifier, is allocated to each shipment, serving as the swiftest method to access status details. This number is prominently featured on all shipping documents and labels associated with YRC Freight, New Penn, Holland, and Reddaway.
  2. Bill of Lading Number: YRC’s tracking system relies on the Bill of Lading number, a critical shipping document that contains essential details about your cargo and serves as a receipt and transportation contract.
  3. PO Number: YRC’s tracking can also utilize Purchase Order (PO) numbers, which help identify and monitor specific orders within the context of business transactions.
  4. Booking Number: This reference number is essential when you’ve made a reservation or booking with YRC for transportation services. It allows you to confirm and track your reservations.
  5. Load Number: YRC assigns a Load Number to specific shipments or loads. This reference number is crucial for tracking and managing your goods as they move through the transportation process with YRC.

YRC Contact Number And Customer Support Service Number

Customer Support Service Number: Reach Out to YRC For immediate support, contact at 800-610-6500

Customer Service Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

How To Interact With Voice Response?

YRC system is multilingual and has options in both English and Spanish. Navigate the following choices:

  • Press 1 or say “pickup“: To arrange a pickup.
  • Press 2 or say “track a shipment”: For tracking and tracing.
  • Press 3 or say “rate quote”: To obtain a quote.
  • Press 4 or say “guaranteed or expedited”: Explore Time Critical service.
  • Press 5 or say “more options”: For all other information requests.

Other Contact Numbers:

  • US: Call 800-610-6500
  • Canada: Call 877-330-3321

Additional Support:

YRC inside account executives collaborate closely with the customer service team, comprehending customers’ business intricacies and seamlessly conveying requirements across their organization. With double the resources of the past, these professionals can customize solutions for any challenge you face. Reach out to a YRC representative at 1-800-470-4800; they’re just a phone call away.

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