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Find out where your package/parcel dispatched through Canada post by using our Canada post tracking tool. Simply, type the tracking number below and press the button to know the full details of you package.

With our online tracking tool, you can easily find out where your package is using the tracking number from your email, mailing label, or receipt. You’ll know when it’s expected to arrive and get confirmation when it’s delivered.
Xpresspost USA Tracking

Track Your Package Through Canada Post Tracking Tool

There are several ways you can track your package, here a some of the most reliable ways you can track your shipment with ease.

Track your items using Canada Post tracking Number

You can keep an eye on your stuff by using your Canada Post tracking number. Just type it in on on the tracking tool we provided above hit the track now button, and you’ll see exactly where your items are and when they’ll reach you.

Track your Package using Canada Post Delivery Notice Card

A Canada Delivery Notice Card is a little slip of paper left by the postal worker if they tried to deliver a package but couldn’t. It tells you that you have a package waiting for you at the post office. To track your package through it, just follow the instructions on the card. It usually has a tracking number or instructions on how to get your package. You can use this tracking number on online Canada Post tracking tool to see where your package is and when you can pick it up. Easy, right?

Track Through Reference Numbers

Canada Post reference numbers are unique identifiers assigned to packages or shipments. These numbers are different from tracking numbers and are often used for specific purposes like customer reference or internal tracking. To track your package using a Canada Post reference number, you’ll need put your reference number in the Canada post tracking tool which we have provide you above in this page, locate the “Track” section. There, you can enter your reference number in the designated field and click on the “Track” button. This will provide you with information about the status and location of your package. It’s a handy way to keep tabs on your shipment, especially if you have a reference number provided by the sender or Canada Post.

Canada Post Tracking International Packages

Tracking international packages is easy using our online Track tool. Here’s how you can check the status of your package sent outside Canada or coming into Canada.

For packages sent from Canada

To track your international packages, use the tracking number from your shipping label or receipt. If your package is heading to the United States, you can find details on the United States Postal Service website.

What can you find using Track?

You can find out when:
Your order was created.
Your package reached Canada Post.
Your package left Canada and reached its destination.
Delivery was attempted.
Your package was delivered.
Please note: Tracking info and delivery confirmation might not be available for some services to the U.S. and international destinations like Small Packet™, Letter-post, Registered Mail™, and International Parcel™.

Where can you find delivery standards for packages sent from Canada?

You can find delivery standards on our website or by using tools like Find a Rate, Snap Ship, or Shipping Manager/Ship Online. Before sending anything internationally, check our service alerts page for any issues beyond our control like transportation delays.

What if you face delivery delays?

If there are delays:
Check the latest status using Track (if you have a tracking number).
For items sent to the U.S., check the USPS website.
If your package is with customs, we can’t interfere.
Learn what to do while your package is in customs and check for export restrictions.
Find out what to do if you think your package is missing. For packages coming to Canada: Use Track to find your package’s location and status (if you have a tracking number). If it’s not showing up, ask the sender to check with their postal service.

What are the delivery timelines?

Delivery times for international packages vary based on the country of origin and the service used by the sender. If the delivery date has passed and your package hasn’t arrived, contact the sender to investigate with their postal service.

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