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Welcome to trackcouriernow.com, the best platform for hassle-free package tracking. We understand the significance of timely and dependable delivery, and our mission is to equip you with the necessary tools and information for effortless tracking of your shipments. At Track Courier Now, we have meticulously designed a user-friendly platform that provides your tracking needs with the utmost simplicity. Our intuitive interface empowers you to seamlessly enter your Leopard courier tracking number or code, granting you immediate access to real-time updates on the precise whereabouts of your package.

Type your Leopard tracking ID or logistic number in the search box given below and press the track button.

Leopard Courier trackingt

What Is Leopard Courier ?(LCS Tracking)

Leopard Courier, founded in 1983 in Pakistan, is a leading courier company in the country. With 1036 conveniently located offices and 164 major hubs. Without a doubt, the company serves the entire nation. LCS comprehensive services include domestic and international delivery, cash on delivery, warehousing, and distribution. Leopard Courier has its offices in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and Peshawar. LCS has had a main headquarter in Karachi since its startup. It has also expanded operations to international markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. In addition, At Leopard Courier, They are known for trustworthy and prompt delivery services. The team comprises dedicated professionals with years of experience, committed to providing exceptional customer service. They aim to exceed your expectations with every interaction. In addition to core services, also it offers a range of value-added services to enhance your experience. These include easy tracking and tracing of shipments, insurance options for added security, and convenient COD collection services.

How to Track Leopard Courier Pakistan?

Leopard Courier Tracking Through Number

LCS Overnight and Cash On Delivery Services are designed to meet customer expectations for speedy and urgent deliveries. Customers can easily track their Overnight and COD shipments using a user-friendly online tracking system. Simply, Enter the 14-digit leopard tracking number in the search field given above on this page and submit to know your parcel status.

VIA Support Center

To inquire, call the LCS helpline at 021 111 300 786 or reach out to active social media channels.

Qurey Through LCS Experts Panel

You can get help from LCS (Leopard Courier Company) expert panel. Simply give them the important details, and They will resolve your shipment issue. You’ll be provided with a Leopard tracking number to easily track your parcel from start to finish. Leopards offers the most affordable shipping solutions to meet any need. Meanwhile, their reliable and cost-efficient overland service can deliver all your heavy-weighted parcels across Pakistan.

Understanding Leopard Courier Tracking Number

When you want to keep an eye on your shipment, the Leopard Courier Tracking Number becomes your best friend. It’s a special code given to you by Leopard Courier when you book their service. This little code holds the key to tracking your shipment online and finding out all the juicy details about its delivery status.

Why The Tracking Number Is So Important

Without a tracking number or consignment number, You won’t have access to important details like where your package is and how close it is to your doorstep.

How to Find the Lepard Courier Tracking Number

If you lost your tracking ID, then don’t panic, there are a lot of other ways to know your delivery number. Take a deep breath and check your emails, SMS messages, or even the delivery receipt. Sometimes, online stores are kind enough to provide you with this code. If all else fails, reach out to the person who sent you the package or give Leopard Courier a shout via phone.

Extra Tips for Tracking Like a Pro

📧 Keep an eye on your email:

Don’t let important updates from Leopard Courier slip through your fingers. Keep a close watch on your inbox for notifications that include your tracking number and other juicy details.

📞 Verify with the sender:

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about that tracking number, reach out to the person or company who sent you the package. They’ll give you the inside scoop and help clear up any tracking-related concerns.

📱 Consider tracking apps:

We’re living in the age of smartphones, my friend. There are handy-dandy mobile applications that let you track multiple courier services, including Leopard Courier. Get one of these apps, and keep an eye on all your shipments conveniently in one place

Know Tracking Status Updates

Now that you have your Leopard Courier tracking number, let’s decipher those status updates together. They’ll give you the lowdown on where your package is and what’s happening to it. Here are the common updates you’ll come across.

Status CodeMeaning
🚚 Shipment picked upThe courier swooped in and grabbed your package from the sender’s location. It’s officially on its way to you!
🚛 In transitYour package is getting some well-deserved transportation from one place to another. You might receive extra details about transit checkpoints and estimated delivery times.
📦 Out for deliveryYour package has reached the local delivery hub. It’s ready to make its grand entrance at your doorstep. Just make sure someone’s there to greet it!
🎉 DeliveredThis update confirms that your package has safely arrived. Check the delivery confirmation details for the recipient’s name, date, and time of delivery
Leopard Courier Tracking number

Leopard Courier Cash of Delivery Charges List

C.O.D Tariff Charges for Overnight:

Weight (in Grams)Within-CityZone A – Major Nationwide LocationsZone B – Other Nationwide Locations
Up to 500Rs. 170.00Rs. 220.00Rs. 230.00
501 to 1000Rs. 190.00Rs. 230.00Rs. 250.00
Each AdditionalRs. 170.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 220.00

C.O.D Tariff Charges for Economy:

Weight (in Grams)Within-CityZone A – Major Nationwide Locations
Minimum – 5Rs. 400.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 400.00
Each AdditionalRs. 80.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 80.00

C.O.D Tariff Charges for Overland:

Weight (in KG)Within The CityZone A – National LocationsZone B – Other National Locations
Minimum – 10Rs. 600.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 600.00
Each AdditionalRs. 60.00Rs. 60.00Rs. 60.00

Shipment Handling Charges:

Shipment Collection AmountShipment Handling Charges
Rs. 0 to Rs. 3000Nil
Rs. 3001 to Rs. 5000Rs. 100
Rs. 5001 to Rs. 10,000Rs. 150
Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 20,000Rs. 200
Rs. 20,001 to Rs. 30,000Rs. 300
Rs. 30,001 to Rs. 50,0001.5%

Additional Charges: Return charges Nil, 15% Fuel and GST (as per law) will be applied on courier charges.

Please note: Shipments worth more than Rs. 30,000/piece will not be accepted.

ServiceWeightLocalOther Zone
OvernightUp to 500 gmRs. 170Rs. 320
OvernightUp to 1 kgRs. 210Rs. 370
OvernightEach Add. 500 gmRs. 95Rs. 170
EconomyUp to 5 kgRs. 400Rs. 800
EconomyEach Add. kgRs. 800Rs. 1600

You may want to know about the latest Rates and prices of Leopard courier service. If yes? Then You should see these Leopard Courier Rates.

Leopard (LCS) Services

International Service

Introducing International Economy by Leopards Courier Services, a cost-effective solution for international shipments of various weights. With a focus on affordability and reliability, this service allows you to send smaller packages internationally at competitive rates. Their dedicated team ensures the safe and efficient handling of your shipments, while its advanced tracking system keeps you informed throughout the journey. Experience the convenience and value of Leopards Courier Services as it connects you with loved ones and business partners worldwide. Contact them now to unlock affordable shipping possibilities and enjoy the commitment to excellence in logistics.

Bill Payment

Leopards Courier Services is revolutionizing its operations by implementing advanced technology to enhance the entire supply chain process and improve customer satisfaction. As part of this initiative, They are introducing digitalization in express centers across the country, allowing customers from all corners to conveniently visit the nearest center and make payments on the spot. With their new Leopards Bill Payment Service, customers can effortlessly access this feature at any express center nationwide. This integrated service enables individuals to easily pay their utility bills, recharge their mobile phones, and conduct various transactions with unparalleled ease.

Leopard Bulao Service

LCS introduced “Leopard Bulao service” which means you can order LCS office to pick up your shipment. To initiate a Pickup Request, just follow these straightforward steps. Fill in the form provided below and tap the ‘Create Pickup Request’ button located at the bottom. Afterward, you’ll receive your shipping instructions and a dedicated sales representative will reach out to you promptly, ensuring a seamless experience.

Leopard Box

ntroducing Leopards Box, a special discounted service tailored to fulfill customers’ important requirements. It’s the perfect solution for safely transporting your valuable gifts, large shipments, bulky items, and delicate objects, ensuring they remain intact and protected from any harm. Simply bring your goods to the express center, and you can trust to take care of the packing process. Their skilled team treats your packages with the utmost care.

Leopard Flyer Express

With Leopards Flyer Express, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with fast and reliable delivery, all at the most competitive rates in the market. LCS understand the significance of your important documents, and that’s why it offers a service that ensures their safe and timely arrival. While they provide rates for popular and frequently delivered flyer items, rest assured that it can also handle any other items you may need to send.

Leopard Print and Mail Service

Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd., Introduces print and mail service. Their brand-new Print & Mail services bring a complete solution to all your printing and delivery requirements. It is fully equipped with cutting-edge digital printing machinery, allowing them to offer end-to-end solutions to valued customers. Simply provide your data, and they will manage it for you – from printing and packaging to stuffing and delivery. At Leopards Courier, Company strives to be your all-in-one logistics solution provider. Additionally, highly specialized machines automate the entire process, minimizing the chances of human error and ensuring efficient and reliable service that spans the entire nation. It also handles the printing, packing, and delivery of essential business documents, including invoices, utility bills, leaflets, direct mail shots, and magazines, throughout Pakistan. With Leopards Print & Mail Services, they go beyond meeting your business needs – it also adds significant value to them.

Leopard Offices Adress And Contact Details

Here are the leopard tracking helpline number, addresses and other contact details:


Leopards House, 19-F, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi, Sindh

Email: customerservice@leopardscourier.com

UAN: (021) 111-300-786

Global Address:


Zonal Office, 37-W-1, Madina Town Punjab Faisal Abad, Leopards Courier Services Faisalabad

Email: customerservice@leopardscourier.com

UAN: (041) 111-300-786


Zonal Office Plot A-51/B Auto Bhan Road, Hyderabad, Pakistan

Email: customerservice@leopardscourier.com


Leopards House, Opposite IJP, Metro Station Islamabad, Capital Territory

Email: customerservice@leopardscourier.com

UAN: (051) 111-300-786


Zonal Office, 20-K, Gullberg III

Email: customerservice@leopardscourier.com

UAN: (042) 111-300-786

Global Address:


Zonal Office, 516, Railway Road, Near Chowk Aziz Hotel, Multan

Email: customerservice@leopardscourier.com

UAN: (061) 111-300-786



Leopards Courier Services LLC,

PLOT 157-0, Warehouse # 5,

Lambordia Warehouse Compound,

Al Qusais Industrial Area 4th,

Dubai, UAE

Contact #: +971-4-600522527


International House 24 Holborn Viaduct,


United Kingdom

Contact #: (+44) 2084326966

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