Leopard Courier Rates

Are you looking for clear and precise information on Leopard Courier rates? You’ve come to the correct site if you’re a business owner, an internet vendor, or an individual sender looking for dependable shipping services within Pakistan. Welcome to our thorough guide, designed exclusively for you to investigate Leopard Courier costs and delivery alternatives.


Leopard Overnight Rates: Leopard Overnight offers affordable rates based on destination type and cargo weight. Get shipping prices for the same province, zone, and other zones, plus 500g weight surcharges in the table.

Leopard Courier COD Prices by Weight: Discover Leopard Courier’s COD services. Discover weight-based local and national shipping prices to simplify business transactions.

Leopard Yellow Box Rates: Learn about Leopard Yellow Box, a fixed-size box for easy shipping. Find out the rates for different weight categories, zones, and exceeding the weight limit.

Flyer Express Rates: Flyer Express services are optimized for weight and destination zone. This table shows the costs of within-city, same-zone, and other-zone shipping, as well as the cost per 500g of weight.

Overland Rates: A cost-effective option for shipping to various zones under 10 kilograms. Discover zone pricing and extra kilogram costs.

Leopard Economy Rates: Leopard Economy offers similar rates across all zones, making shipping easy. Compare weight categories and per-kilogram fees.

USA and UAE XPS Rates: This guide covers international shipping. The International XPS service lets you estimate Lahore-to-USA and UAE shipping costs by shipment weight.

If you are looking for updated rates and want to quickly know the shipment price then you may visit the Leopards Courier Rate Calculator.

Leopard Courier Rates Of Overnight Service

This table shows the cost for the Leopard Overnight service dependent on the destination type and weight of the cargo. It contains costs for shipping within the same province, zone, and other zones, as well as extra charges for every 500g of weight.

Service TypeDestination TypeWeight (kg)Price (Rs)Additional Weight (500g)Additional Price (Rs)
Leopard OvernightSame ProvinceUp to 0.5Rs. 1600.5Rs. 90
Leopard OvernightSame ProvinceUp to 1Rs. 1900.5Rs. 95
Leopard OvernightSame ProvinceUp to 1.5Rs. 2200.5Rs. 100
Leopard OvernightSame ProvinceUp to 2Rs. 2500.5Rs. 105
Leopard OvernightSame ZoneUp to 0.5Rs. 2000.5Rs. 100
Leopard OvernightSame ZoneUp to 1Rs. 2300.5Rs. 105
Leopard OvernightSame ZoneUp to 1.5Rs. 2600.5Rs. 110
Leopard OvernightSame ZoneUp to 2Rs. 2900.5Rs. 115
Leopard OvernightOther ZoneUp to 0.5Rs. 2500.5Rs. 125
Leopard OvernightOther ZoneUp to 1Rs. 2800.5Rs. 130
Leopard OvernightOther ZoneUp to 1.5Rs. 3100.5Rs. 135
Leopard OvernightOther ZoneUp to 2Rs. 3400.5Rs. 140

Leopard COD Prices by Weight

This table shows the Cash on Delivery (COD) fees charged by Leopard Courier Services based on the weight of the shipments. It includes pricing for both local and national shipping, as well as costs for each additional kilogram.

Service TypeWeight Range (kg)Within City Transfer (Rs)National Locations (Rs)
Leopard CODUp to 0.5Rs. 165Rs. 195 to Rs. 205
Leopard COD0.5 – 1Rs. 170N/A
Leopard CODAdditional 1Rs. 160N/A
Leopard COD2~ Rs. 400 to Rs. 600
Leopard CODAdditional 1~ Rs. 80
Leopard COD5~ Rs. 700 to Rs. 850
Leopard CODAdditional 1~ Rs. 130 to Rs. 160
Leopard COD10~ Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1400
Leopard CODAdditional 1~ Rs. 100 to Rs. 130
Leopard COD25~ Rs. 1900 to Rs. 2500

Leopard Yellow Box Rates

This table shows the pricing for the Leopard Yellow Box service, which provides a fixed-size box for shipments. It covers prices for various weight categories and zones, as well as costs for excess weight above the given limit.

Service TypeWeight (kg)Within City (Rs)Same Zone (Rs)Other Zone (Rs)
Leopard Yellow Box1Rs. 220Rs. 270Rs. 350
Leopard Yellow BoxEach Add. 0.5Rs. 110Rs. 130Rs. 170
Leopard Yellow Box2Rs. 320Rs. 450Rs. 600
Leopard Yellow BoxEach Add. 1Rs. 160Rs. 220Rs. 280
Leopard Yellow Box5Rs. 700Rs. 850Rs. 1150
Leopard Yellow BoxEach Add. 1Rs. 130Rs. 160Rs. 200
Leopard Yellow Box10Rs. 1100Rs. 1400Rs. 1900
Leopard Yellow BoxEach Add. 1Rs. 100Rs. 130Rs. 180
Leopard Yellow Box25Rs. 1900Rs. 2500Rs. 3300
Leopard Yellow BoxEach Add. 1Rs. 70Rs. 100Rs. 120

Leopard Courier Flyer Express Rates

Here you may look through the Flyer Express prices, which are broken out by weight and destination zone. The table shows the charges for within-city, same-zone, and other-zone shipping, as well as the additional cost for every 500g increase in weight.

Service TypeWeight (kg)Within City (Rs)Same Zone (Rs)Other Zone (Rs)
Flyer ExpressUp to 0.5Rs. 250Rs. 300Rs. 350
Flyer Express0.5 – 1Rs. 300Rs. 350Rs. 400
Flyer ExpressAdditional 0.5Rs. 170Rs. 200Rs. 200

Leopard Courier Overland Rates

The Overland Rates table shows the cost information for shipments to various zones with a minimum weight of 10 kg. It displays the prices for each zone as well as the additional cost for each additional kilogram.

Service TypeWeight (kg)ZonesPrices (Rs)Each Add. 1kg (Rs)
Overland RatesMin. 10Zone ARs. 300Rs. 30
Overland RatesMin. 10Zone BRs. 400Rs. 40
Overland RatesMin. 10Zone CRs. 600Rs. 60
Overland RatesMin. 10Zone DRs. 800Rs. 80
Overland RatesMin. 10Zone ERs. 1000Rs. 100

Leopard Economy Rates

This table contains pricing information for the Leopard Economy service, including costs for various weight categories. The costs are same throughout all zones, and the additional cost for each additional kilogram is noted.

Service TypeWeight (kg)All Zones (Rs)Each Add. 1kg (Rs)
Leopard EconomyMin 5Rs. 650Rs. 110
Leopard Economy10Rs. 1100Rs. 90
Leopard Economy25Rs. 2250Rs. 80

Leopard Courier USA Rates Via International XPS

This table contains the shipping charges for international shipments to the United States utilizing the International XPS service. The fees are based on parcel weight, which allows you to calculate the shipping cost for your shipments to the United States.

Service TypeParcel Weight (kg)Shipping (Rs) (From Lahore to USA)
USA Rates Via XPS0.5Rs. 11,998.5
USA Rates Via XPS1Rs. 12,280.65
USA Rates Via XPS2Rs. 12,802.2
USA Rates Via XPS5Rs. 23,224.65

Leopard Courier UAE Rates Via International XPS

This table provides shipping prices from Lahore to the UAE for people shipping internationally. The fees are organized by parcel weight to help you calculate the shipping cost to the UAE.

Service TypeWeight (kg)Shipping (Rs) (From Lahore to UAE)
UAE Rates Via XPS0.5Rs. 7,874.55
UAE Rates Via XPS1Rs. 8,669.7
UAE Rates Via XPS2Rs. 9,031.65
UAE Rates Via XPS5Rs. 13,235.4
UAE Rates Via XPS10Rs. 20,243.55


Leopard Courier costs Rs. 160 for 1 kilogram goods within the same province. Please keep in mind that charges may vary based on the location and service type. Charges may vary for shipments to various zones within Pakistan or for overseas delivery. For exact pricing information, check the particular rates for your package on Leopard Courier’s website or contact them directly.

Leopard Courier costs vary according on the service option, weight of the cargo, and location within Pakistan. Rates may vary by zone, such as same province, same zone, and other zones. They also provide specialist services such as Leopard Overnight, Flyer Express, Leopard Yellow Box, and others, each with its unique pricing structure. It is advised that you utilize the rate calculator on Leopard Courier’s website or contact their customer care to acquire accurate and up-to-date cost information for your individual shipment.

Local courier fees vary based on the courier provider, the weight and size of the item, and the distance traveled within the local region. Pricing structures and service offers may change between courier firms. It is important to contact individual local courier firms in your region to find out what their current costs are for local deliveries. Many courier firms include online rate calculators or customer service specialists that can help you get precise pricing for your local courier needs.

Final Words

We hope that this guide will provide you with all of the information you need to make educated decisions while choosing Leopard Courier Services for your shipping requirements. Whether you’re a company owner, an online seller, or an individual sender. Additionally, You can rely on Leopard Courier to deliver your packages quickly, reliably, and with great service.

If you want to check the status of your Leopard courier parcel or shipment? Then you must try our online Leopard courier Tracking tool.

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