Top 10 Best Courier Service Providers in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s transportation industry has undergone profound change over time, due to increasing demands for fast and dependable courier services. But finding one to meet these needs can be difficult. This guide presents our top ten best courier service Providers in Pakistan. Moreover, taking into consideration their services, reach, dependability, and other considerations so you can make an informed decision whether you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur looking for efficient logistics or simply someone looking for parcel delivery.

1. TCS

TCS (Tranzum Courier Services) can rightfully claim to be the pioneer of courier services in Pakistan, having first launched in 1983 and quickly establishing itself as the industry leader. Now operating out of over 900+ locations nationwide and in numerous countries, this pioneer of delivery has earned itself the trust of both enterprises and individuals alike. TCS prides itself on prompt, cost-effective deliveries which has earned its customers’ loyalty.

TCS Tracking


  • Extensive domestic and international reach means it’s available to customers wherever they may be.
  • Dependability and promptness in getting packages where they need to go without incident.
  • TCS offers reasonable rates, so it’s a cost-effective choice for your shipping requirements.


  • Some international destinations have relatively high shipping costs.

2. Leopards Courier

Leopards Courier is a household name thanks to its prominence in the rapidly expanding e-commerce market in Pakistan. It achieves this by catering to the unique needs of Internet enterprises (E-Commerce). Leopards Courier provides services including Cash on Delivery (COD) and storage facilities to accommodate online retailers’ and wholesaler’s unique requirements. It also brings convenience to even the most remote areas in Pakistan. In addition, Leopards Courier has expanded to some international hubs. So It makes it an attractive option for corporations with international shipping needs.

Leopard Courier


  • eCommerce-focused services
  • Efficient COD options
  • secure and convenient payments for customers
  • Wide coverage within Pakistan and selected international destinations


  • The real-time tracking system could be further improved for better visibility.

3. OCS Logistics

OCS (Overseas Courier Service) has become a trusted name in the courier and logistics industries by consistently offering superior solutions. OCS stands out for fast courier, freight transfer, and transportation services as well. Established in Pakistan back in 1986, this globally renowned shipping firm now boasts fast, reliable services making them an excellent choice for quick deliveries of products that need to arrive fast. OCS covers healthcare, technology, and industrial industries among others.

OCS courier


  • Premium express services
  • Ensure swift and secure deliveries
  • Specialized freight forwarding solutions catering to the specific needs of businesses.


  • International coverage is extensive but may not match that of some global giants

4. M&P

M&P (M&P Express Logistics), is one of Pakistan’s most reliable delivery service providers. It has more than 500 courier centers all over the country (Pakistan), M&P reaches customers from the biggest cities to the most rural parts of the country. M&P has also teamed up with FedEx, one of the best courier services in the world, to expand its foreign reach. Because of the partnership with FedEx, there are now more than 1,370 service sites and more than 258 FedEx-authorized shipping centers in Pakistan. This strategic relationship makes it easier for M&P to help customers who need international shipping.

M&P courier Tracking


  • Wide national coverage
  • Reaching customers across Pakistan, including remote regions.
  • Strong international presence through collaboration with FedEx.


  • Customer service is not good at some location
  • Rates are a little bit expensive

5. BlueEx

As the eCommerce industry in Pakistan grows, businesses require specialized logistics solutions. In the meanwhile, which is where BlueEx comes in. BlueEx offers eCommerce logistics services tailored to the specific needs of online sellers to businesses of all sizes. BlueEx ensures that businesses may give timely and dependable services to their consumers. It offers same-day and next-day delivery alternatives, as well as cash on delivery(COD). The comprehensive tracking system of the corporation keeps both businesses and receivers informed of the status of their shipments.

Bluex courier


  • eCommerce-centric services, tailor-made for online businesses
  • Timely deliveries
  • Better International Coverage


  • The network is very limited in Pakistan
  • Shipment prices are expensive as compared to local service providers.

6. DHL

DHL, a multinational logistics company, also has a presence in Pakistan. DHL is the favored choice for businesses and individuals who wishes to ship their items internationally. DHL has a reputation for timely and dependable international delivery. DHL’s enormous network includes nearly every country worldwide. Moreover, It makes it a good choice for exporters. Express delivery, freight forwarding, and eCommerce logistics are among the services provided by the organization.

DHL Courier


  • A trusted global brand, renowned for its efficient international services.
  • Fast and secure international deliveries,
  • Shipments reach their destination on time.


  • Premium pricing for express and international services may not be suitable for budget-conscious customers.

7. FedEx

FedEx, another logistics behemoth, also has a presence in Pakistan. FedEx, a well-known global courier firm, offers a variety of services, including international shipping, expedited delivery, and eCommerce logistics. FedEx, with its extensive international network, is a dependable option for businesses and individuals wishing to ship items internationally.

FedEx Courier


  • Extensive global network
  • Reaching numerous international destinations Excellent track record for international deliveries
  • Warehousing Almost every country


  • Shipping rates can be relatively high for certain international destinations
  • Braches are limited to big cities only

8. TCS Hazir

TCS Hazir is a one-of-a-kind and simple service in which clients can send and receive parcels from any TCS Express Center. This unique solution eliminates the need for busy folks to visit a specific courier center, making it extremely convenient. TCS Hazir streamlines the procedure and gives an added degree of flexibility to your courier needs, whether you need to transfer documents or receive a product.

TCS Hazir


  • Doorstep parcel pickup and drop-off
  • Time-saving and convenient service, especially for individuals with busy schedules.


  • Limited to TCS Express Center locations, which may not be easily accessible to all customers.

9. Call Courier

In Pakistan’s competitive courier market, Call Courier is steadily carving out a courier for itself. This company is gaining popularity among businesses and individuals as a result of its expanding network as well as its commitment to providing high-quality services. Call Courier provides a number of different delivery choices and strives to be reliable. As well as an alternative that is more economical for regional and local shipments. The expansion efforts of Call Courier have made it possible for the company to service consumers in a greater number of locations across Pakistan. The attention that the company has paid to enhancing the quality of its products, customer service, and tracking capabilities has been met well by its consumer base. It is anticipated that Call Courier would emerge as a dominant player in the Pakistani courier market as it continues to expand its business and improve the efficiency of its operations.



  • Growing network
  • Reaching more customers across Pakistan
  • Competitive rates
  • E-Commerce solutions make it an affordable option for shipping needs


  • The tracking system could be further improved to provide more real-time updates
  • Delivery Delays Issues reported

10. Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post, the country’s official postal service, serves a vital role in connecting people and businesses across the country. Pakistan Post is an essential service with an extensive network that reaches every corner of the country, despite not offering the same level of convenience and speed as private courier services. Pakistan Post, which was founded in 1947, offers a variety of services, including postal delivery, parcel handling, and money transfer. It is a trustworthy option for mailing traditional mail, packages, and vital documents within Pakistan. The government’s backing inspires consumer confidence, particularly for official and domestic shipments.

pakistan post tracking


  • Wide coverage across Pakistan, even in remote areas.
  • Government-backed and reliable service.


  • Longer delivery times compared to private courier companies due to the extensive network.

Concluding the Quest for the Best Courier Company

Choosing the best courier business in Pakistan comes down to a number of factors, such as your shipping needs, your budget, and the places you want to send packages to. Each of the ten transportation services listed here has its own strengths and serves different needs.

TCS is the best courier company in Pakistan because it is reliable, has a large service area, and offers competitive prices. However, other companies like Leopards Courier, OCS, and M&P have become strong competitors in the market by offering specialized services that meet specific needs. With its custom logistics solutions, BlueEx is a valuable partner for eCommerce companies. At the same time, global giants like DHL and FedEx make sure that international shipments go smoothly.

As the courier business continues to change, it’s important to keep an eye on new companies like Call Courier that could become important in the near future. When choosing a courier business, you should think about things like speed of delivery, coverage, ability to track packages, and customer service. What works best for one person or business might not be the best option for another, so it’s important to find a delivery service that fits your needs.

Final Words

Our goal here at is to provide people and businesses a leg up by giving them an easy-to-use web resource for tracking couriers and learning more about the many courier services out there. This post was written with the intention of easing the process of tracking a courier and assisting you in making an educated decision. Keep checking back for more news and stories covering the courier business. Happy shipping!

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