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It is very easy to do your task by simply putting the Leman tracking Number or container number/courier number or shipment number in the search field below and pressing the “Track Now” button. Get real-time updates on the status and location of your Leman delivery.

Leman Container Tracking

What is Leman Tracking?

Leman Tracking is a service from Leman, a global transport and logistics company. Leman has been helping customers with their transport and logistics needs since 1900. They have experience, flexibility, and creativity. They always find the best solution for you in terms of time and price. It is one of the benefits of using Leman as your transport and logistics partner. With Leman Tracking, you can:

  • Track your bookings with the latest event from Leman’s global network of agents.
  • Find your ocean freight shipments by the vessel name or the container number.
  • Look for AWB numbers from airline carriers for your air freight shipments.
  • Download PODs (proof of delivery) from the booking details.

How to use Leman Tracking On the official Website?

It is easy, fast, and reliable to use trace your shipment on the official website of Leman. You can use it anytime, anywhere from any web browser. You just need a username and password from Leman. If you are already a customer of Leman, you can start using it right away. If you are not a customer of Leman yet, you can contact them here:

+45 7010 9000info@leman.com[Leman.com]

When you log in to Leman Tracking, you can:

  • Make bookings in a quick and easy way using an interactive process.
  • Send emails to customers or others and let them track their own bookings with Leman Tracking’s shared option.
  • Print CMR waybills and labels right from the system after making a booking.
  • See your transport activities using advanced search and filter options.
  • Make high-quality Excel reports with smart filter options.
  • Change your user settings and layouts to suit your needs and workflows.
  • Give access to multiple users to one or more accounts or let your suppliers make bookings for you on your account.
  • Get CO2 emissions data for your shipments for free using EcoTransIT, one of the best emission reporting systems.
Leman cargo tracking

Why choose Leman Tracking?

Leman Tracking is more than just a tracking service. It is your personal link to the world of transport and logistics. It gives you peace of mind that your shipments are safe and that you can check on them anytime, anywhere. It also gives you access to other services that Leman offers, such as road transport, air freight, sea freight, projects, logistics, pharma, healthcare, and express. Leman Tracking is good for you as a customer and for the environment as well. By using this, you can choose the most eco-friendly transport options for your shipments. You can also see the CO2 emissions of your shipments using EcoTransIT, which follows GHG protocol, GLEC Framework, and EN16258.

Leman Tracking is a service that you can trust and depend on. It is supported by Leman’s long history of excellence and innovation in the transport and logistics industry. Leman has been serving customers since 1900, when they started as a horse-drawn carriage company in Denmark. Now, Leman has more than 800 employees in 29 offices across 6 countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, and USA.

Leman World Wide Branches Contact Details

This is a table that shows the names, addresses, and contact numbers of Leman branches in different countries. I hope this is what you wanted.

CountryBranch NameAddressPhoneEmail
USALeman USA Inc. (Milwaukee)1860 Renaissance Boulevard, Sturtevant WI 53177 USA+1(262) 884-4700contact.us@leman.com
BelgiumLeman BelgiumSchoolstraat 4, Wemmel, Belgium+32 2 460 10 00contact.be@leman.com
ChinaLeman China111 Chengxing Rd, Xin Cheng Shang Quan, Jianggan Qu, Hangzhou Shi, China+86 571 8539 7500contact.cn@leman.com
DenmarkLeman DenmarkGreve Main 33, DK-2670 Greve, Denmark+45 7010 9000info@leman.com
FinlandLeman FinlandVantaanportinkatu 3, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland+358 9 7744 6100contact.fi@leman.com
NorwayLeman NorwayVestbyveien 155, NO-1540 Vestby, Norway+47 64 95 95 00contact.no@leman.com
SwedenLeman SwedenBox 1006, SE-25210 Helsingborg, Sweden+46 42 490 40 00contact.se@leman.com
UKLeman UKUnit A1-A3 Normanton Industrial Estate, Ripley Drive, Normanton WF6 1QT, UK+44 (0)1924 892892contact.uk@leman.com

Leman Cargo Rates And Prices

These are some assumptions and estimated rates of Leman’s services. Please note that these prices may not be accurate and may vary depending on the actual conditions and requirements of each shipment. Here is the detailed rate table:

ServiceFacilityPrice (per kg)Description
Road transportFull truck load (FTL)$0.50Transport of goods that occupy a full truck or a full trailer.
Road transportLess than truck load (LTL)$0.75Transport of goods that do not occupy a full truck or a full trailer.
Road transportGroupage$1.00Transport of goods that are consolidated with other shipments from different customers.
Air freightGeneral cargo$2.00Transport of goods that do not require special handling or conditions.
Air freightDangerous goods$3.00Transport of goods that are classified as hazardous materials according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
Air freightTemperature-controlled goods$4.00Transport of goods that require a specific temperature range during transit.
Sea freightFull container load (FCL)$0.25Transport of goods that occupy a full container or a full unit load device (ULD).
Sea freightLess than container load (LCL)$0.40Transport of goods that do not occupy a full container or a full unit load device (ULD).
Sea freightBreak bulk cargo$0.50Transport of goods that are too large or heavy to fit in a container or a unit load device (ULD).
ProjectsOversized cargoVaries by project scope and complexityTransport of goods that exceed the standard dimensions or weight limits for road, air, or sea transport.
LogisticsWarehousing and distributionVaries by storage space and duration, handling frequency, and delivery distanceStorage and delivery of goods in Leman’s warehouses and distribution centers across the world.
Pharma & HealthcareGDP-certified transport and storageVaries by product type, temperature range, and regulatory requirementsTransport and storage of pharmaceutical and healthcare products that comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines for quality and safety.
ExpressCourier serviceVaries by package size, weight, destination, and delivery speedDelivery of parcels and documents within a specified time frame using Leman’s network of courier partners.

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