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Are you tired of the hassle of visiting TCS locations or contacting customer care just to track your TCS Courier shipments? We have the perfect solution for you! Our advanced Track courier system brings you an automated online global positioning framework that offers real-time TCS tracking for all your Courier shipments. Say goodbye to the tedious task of physically tracking your packages or making countless phone calls to check their status. At track courier now, Type your TCS tracking number in the search field given blew and press the “Track Now” button. you will get all the pieces of information about your courier/parcel’s current status.

TCS Tracking


In 1983, TCS began with just 25 shipments. Today, it stands as Pakistan’s leading courier and comprehensive logistics provider. With technological advancement, it continues to succeed in valuing people and understanding that customers drive change. TCS pioneers industry standards, fueled by a commitment to excellence and innovation. In addition, Underlying their progress is the Pakistani people’s trust in ‘TCS KARDO,’ earned over four decades of unwavering service. Their mission is to further elevate services by utilizing passion and new tech to benefit businesses and consumers, while expanding globally.

TCS Application Tracking

TCS keeps track of applications worldwide and in Pakistan, running its own aircrafts, vehicles, and dispatch services.

TCS Tracking By Mobile Number

If you face issues with a TCS parcel, you can solve it by contacting the TCS helpline at 111-123-456.

Alternate TCS Tracking Methods

There are four ways to track your couriers:

  1. By SMS
    • Open your messaging app.
    • Write the tracking number received.
    • Send a message to 923332177168.
    • TCS will reply with your shipment details.
  2. Through TCS Website
    • Visit the TCS tracking website.
    • Enter your tracking number in the search bar and click “Track” for complete details.
  3. Through Email Contact
    • Email your tracking number to
    • TCS will respond with details.
  4. Through TCS Helpline
    • Call 92 21 111-123-156 and provide your tracking number to a customer care representative.

After Dispatch Tracking

This service helps people track parcels even after they’ve been sent, eliminating uncertainty. You can use the provided methods to track your couriers at any time.

TCS WhatsApp

TCS extends tracking services to WhatsApp, offering 24/7 customer service via calls and social media chats for consistent support.

TCS Courier Rates

For TCS Domestics courier rates, See in the picture below

TCS Courier Rates

TCS Domestic Services & Tracking

TCS dominates Pakistan’s courier and logistics industry through its extensive domestic operations. Their Express Centres which are almost in every town countrywide serve a vast customer base. They offer a wide array of affordable solutions ranging from domestic and international shipments to document services, visa Dropbox, branchless banking, and much more. It operates round the clock with a robust delivery fleet, and top-notch service standards. Tcse ensures peace of mind for both individual and business clients, setting the benchmark for the entire industry in Pakistan. Now we will explain in this article every domestic operation and how their tracking can be done.

TCS Domestics services

Overnight Express Delivery Service

Overnight Express is a service provided by TCS that ensures next-day delivery of shipments upon receiving them at TCS. Courier deliveries are completed during daylight hours. Customers have the convenience of either scheduling a pickup for their shipments or personally dropping them off at an Express Centre. Also, Customers can track their overnight express delivery through the TCS tracking system.

TCS overnight delivery tracking

Same Day Delivery Service

Same Day Delivery means getting your important papers or things delivered on the very same day you send them. TCS has lots of delivery trucks and a special airplane just for this. They make sure to deliver within 24 hours in certain parts of big cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. This fast service is great for businesses and it works super well in these three areas. You can get this speedy delivery in 11 big cities across Pakistan. Also, you can track same-day delivery through our online tracking tool.

2nd Day Delivery

2nd Day Delivery means you’ll get your stuff in two days. TCS Economy Express is a dependable and cheap way to send things by road. Most of the time, over 80% of the packages sent this way arrive way faster than they promise, usually in just half the time they say it’ll take. Customer also has access to track their 2nd-day delivery courier through the tracking system. That’s wonderful!

TCS Time Choice Delivery Service

Time Choice Delivery lets you pick when you want your package to arrive. With TCS Time Choice, you can choose the day and time you want your order to show up. Usually, it gets there within an hour of when you ask, but never later than 30 minutes after your chosen time. This way, you can go on with your day and not wait around all day for your important delivery. The exact time it gets there depends on where it’s going in their system.

TCS Red Box Tracking

RedBox is a special way to send packages of different weights, like 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 kilograms, at really good prices. You can send stuff that won’t go bad and even delicate things to big places nearby or to certain countries internationally using RedBox. Also, You can track your red box courier from our TCS tracking tool.

TCS red box

TCS Economy Express

Economy Express is a regular way to get your things in two days. Most packages arrive much quicker than they say, like within just half the time they promise. You can use TCS boxes for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 kilograms, but you can send anything up to 999 kilograms using this service. If your package is more than 30 kilograms, you need to pack it yourself. But, you can’t choose the delivery time with this service.

TCS Express Flyer

Express Flyer is TCS’s super famous service. It’s all about this special bag that’s really tough, waterproof, and can’t be torn easily. Once it’s sealed, you can’t open it and then close it again without it being obvious. This bag works with other cool services, like Overnight Express, to send your stuff fast. Track your TCS express flyer from our TCS tracking tool.

TCS Mehfooz Express

Mehfooz Express by TCS is a special way to send important papers overnight. Instead of using the regular Express Flyer, they have a tougher envelope called ‘Mehfooz.’ This envelope is super strong and protects documents from water, heat, and tears. It’s also really hard to bend and has a really secure seal. They’ve done everything they can to keep whatever’s inside safe and sound.

TCS Liquid Shipment Service

Starting in 2022, TCS now takes liquid stuff for delivery because customers asked for it. They have special rules to pack liquids safely at their centers before sending them out. TCS is certified for handling tricky things like dangerous stuff, so they follow all the rules to keep everything safe and do it the right way.

TCS Student Express

Students Express by TCS is a good, easy, and cheap way for students to send their school papers to places nearby or in other countries. It’s just for sending school stuff like letters, grades, or important papers to or from schools worldwide. This helps students a lot because they can send their important papers anywhere in the world for a fixed price.

Attestation Service

TCS helps with making papers official without trouble and for a good price. They take care of everything, like checking and delivering the papers safely and on time. They help with attesting papers from many places like schools, colleges, universities, and even personal documents for people living outside Pakistan

TCS Attestation Service

TCS Ticketing Service

TCS helps sell tickets for all kinds of events, like sports games, concerts, or shows. They have lots of places where you can buy tickets, even through banking services, and they’re good at making and printing custom tickets for events.

TCS COD And COD Plus Service

TCS started letting people pay cash when they got their deliveries back in 2006. Lots of small businesses and shops found this super helpful. Almost every store now uses this Cash-on-Delivery thing because it’s so good. Then in 2022, TCS did something even better called COD+. This is great for small businesses or people who don’t deliver lots of stuff. With COD+, they can get their cash back fast without needing a fancy business account or even a regular bank account.

TCS COD Tracking - cash on delivery

TCS International Courier Services And Tracking

TCS international delivery service helps you send things from Pakistan to other countries and get stuff from abroad too. They’ve got different services for papers, like documents for schools or important papers, and for other things, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending things for yourself, for your business, or to someone else, They’ve got you covered. TCS has stations and hubs in places like the UK, UAE, and Canada. This means They’re always up-to-date with what’s going on globally, so you get the best service every day, all year round. Moreover, You can track your international shipments and courier deliveries by TCS with our online TCS tracking tool.

TCS International Courier Tracking

TCS International Red Box Service

TCS RedBox for international shipping is a special way to send packages of different weights, like 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 kilograms, at really good prices. You can send things that won’t go bad, even delicate stuff, to big places nearby or certain international spots using RedBox. Track your International Red Box delivery with our online TCS Tracking tool.

TCS International Courier Rates

See in the picture below for TCS International Red Box rates

TCS International Courier Rates

TCS International Express Flyer

International Express Flyer is the favorite service of TCS for sending things internationally. It’s all about this special bag that’s super strong, waterproof, and can’t be torn easily. Once it’s sealed, you can’t open it and then close it again without it being obvious. This bag works with other cool services, like Overnight Express, to send your stuff fast.

US Passport Renewal Service

TCS makes it safe and easy for people who are from the United States to renew their passports. You can go to a TCS Express Centre and hand over your passport there. If it’s more convenient, they can even come and pick it up from you and then take it to the nearest US embassy for the renewal process. Some TCS Express Centres are open 24/7, which means you can go there any time of the day or night. This gives you more options and saves you time because you don’t have to worry about rushing during specific hours. Moreover, You can also track your US passport renewal progress VIA TCS tracking.

TCS Visatronix

TCS Visatronix helps with easily getting visas. They have special places in eleven big cities where you can drop off your visa application easily. They handle lots of visa applications every year, all managed by a team of nice and experienced visa officers. Their visa centers have good systems to keep everything safe and organized. There are comfy waiting areas with special spots for older people and those who need extra help. They also provide services like scanning, photocopying, and help with biometric data. They help with different types of visas, like for studying, medical reasons, or reuniting families. And even for cases where someone wants to live permanently with their family in another country, they can help with that too. Visatronix makes it simple to apply for visas. They have different spots to make it easier for people to go and get their visas done. They help with various types of visas and provide help from start to finish for things like studying, medical reasons, or reuniting families. For people who want to live with their family in another country permanently, Visatronix takes care of the whole visa process without making it hard for applicants.

TCS International Freight & Shipping

TCS has a big network all around the world to help connect Pakistan to other places. They have places in different countries like UAE and partnerships in Central Asia to make trade and business easier for things ‘Made in Pakistan.’ They have lots of certifications to show they meet certain standards. TCS knows how to handle things you send internationally, from preparing the shipment to dealing with customs. They can keep an eye on your package and even combine different buyers’ goods together. They help with different ways to send things: by air, by land, or even by sea. Each way has its advantages. For big stuff, like a lot of things at once, sending by sea can save a lot of money. Sending things by land is a popular choice for many customers for moving big or heavy things to nearby countries. TCS knows a lot about customs too. No matter where your goods come from or go to, they can handle all the paperwork and rules for customs, making sure everything goes smoothly.


What is the TCS helpline number?

The TCS helpline number is 111-123-456.

How can I track a TCS parcel using a mobile number?

Unfortunately, TCS doesn’t provide tracking through mobile numbers. They use tracking numbers for parcel tracking.

What services does TCS offer in Pakistan?

TCS offers courier and delivery services all over Pakistan. They also have printing services and help with sending gifts and sentiments.

How do I contact TCS for tracking assistance?

You can contact TCS for tracking by calling their helpline at 111-123-456 or through email at

Is there an online method to track TCS shipments in Pakistan?

Yes, you can track your TCS shipments online by visiting their tracking website and entering your tracking number.

How can I track my Daraz order using TCS?

You can track your Daraz order with TCS by using the TCS tracking number provided for your Daraz delivery.

How do I get in touch with TCS for inquiries or assistance?

You can reach out to TCS for inquiries or help by calling their helpline or using their email address provided on their website.

What are the different types of delivery services offered by TCS?

TCS offers different delivery services like Same Day Delivery, 2nd Day Delivery, and Time Choice Delivery, each with its own delivery speed and options.

How does TCS help with passport renewals for US citizens?

TCS helps US citizens renew passports by collecting the documents and sending them to the nearest US embassy, making the process convenient.

What are the specific features of the Express Flyer service by TCS?

The Express Flyer is a secure sealed bag service that ensures packages can’t be opened and re-sealed without showing signs of tampering.

Can TCS handle liquid shipments securely?

Yes, TCS accepts liquid shipments and packs them securely at their Express Centres to ensure safe delivery.

How does TCS assist students with their academic document delivery?

TCS offers Students Express, a service specifically for students to safely send academic documents to and from educational institutions worldwide.

What is the procedure for attesting documents through TCS?

TCS provides cost-effective and hassle-free document attestation services by managing the administration, verification, and secure delivery of attested documents.

Which countries does TCS connect to through its international network?

TCS connects to various countries worldwide through its international network, facilitating shipping to the UK, UAE, Europe, the USA, Canada, and more.

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