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Type your TCS tracking number in the search field given blew and press the “Track Now” button. you will get all the pieces of information about your courier/parcel’s current status.

TCS Tracking


In 1983, TCS began with just 25 shipments. Today, it stands as Pakistan’s leading courier and comprehensive logistics provider. With technological advancement, it continues to succeed in valuing people and understanding that customers drive change. TCS pioneers industry standards, fueled by a commitment to excellence and innovation. In addition, Underlying their progress is the Pakistani people’s trust in ‘TCS KARDO,’ earned over four decades of unwavering service. Their mission is to further elevate services by utilizing passion and new tech to benefit businesses and consumers, while expanding globally.

How To Track TCS Courier, Parcels, And Shipments?

Here is the full guide with the methods for tracking the couriers and parcel delivered through TCS.

TCS Courier Tracking Through Website

The simplest and easiest way to track your parcel is through the TCS website. The website provides real-time status updates of your shipment. Follow these step-by-step instructions to track your package:

  • Visit the TCS website
  • Locate the tracker bar on the website
  • Enter your tracking number in the search field given above.
  • Click on the search button to initiate the tracking process

TCS Courier Tracking through Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram Chat

Tracking your parcel becomes even more convenient as TCS representatives are available on popular social platforms. This feature has gained popularity among consumers due to its ease of use and quick access to parcel status updates. Moreover, you can also use these platforms to send your queries, questions, and concerns, and the TCS representative will assist you promptly.

TCS WhatsApp:

TCS’s WhatsApp number is +923161123456. Simply send your tracking number along with the correct booking details via WhatsApp, and a TCS representative will take care of the rest.

TCS Facebook

Similar to WhatsApp, you can send (txt) your parcel’s tracking number and additonal details via TCS Facebook Messenger. You will receive a response promptly.

TCS Instagram

If you encounter any issues with Facebook or WhatsApp, TCS Instagram chat is also available as an alternative communication channel.

Tracking TCS Coruier Through SMS

You can obtain information about your package, shipment, and parcel by sending an SMS. Follow these steps:

  • Open your messaging app on your mobile device
  • Compose a new message and enter your tracking number
  • Send the message to +923332177168
  • Shortly after, you will receive the status update of your desired parcel

TCS Tracking Through Email

TCS has an email tracking service for business professionals, mainly for discussions regarding tracking job letters, contract deeds, tender deeds, etc. You can also file complaints through this email address. Here’s how to use this method:

  • Compose an email using your own email client account.
  • Enter as the recipient’s email address.
  • Include your tracking number and any relevant details in the email.
  • Send the email.

TCS Tracking Via Helpline

You can also track your shipment details by calling the TCS helpline number +923332177168. A TCS representative will assist you by asking for your tracking or reference number and providing you with the latest updates on the status of your parcel.

Tracking Through TCS Mobile Application

TCS has developed a mobile application that allows to track shipments, couriers, deliveries, and parcels. It can be download from the provided download button on their website or app store.

Real-Time Updates for a Stress-Free Experience

They value the importance of keeping you updated on the status and location of your shipment. TCS tracking system provides real-time information, including the latest scan details, current package location, and any delivery attempts made. You can also choose to receive notifications and updates from the courier service to ensure you never miss a beat. For any difficulties or specific inquiries about your tracking process, their dedicated customer service team is always available to provide further assistance and address any concerns you may have.

TCS Express Tracking

TCS Express is a special courier facility introduced by TCS courier company Pakistan. This service includes overnight express, Econonmy express, Express Flyer, and student Express. we also provide TCS express tracking on our website. You can check your shipment status by just inputting your express parcel number in the search field above on this page.

TCS Courier Rates

For TCS Domestics courier rates, See in the picture below

TCS Courier Rates
TCS International Courier Tracking

TCS International Courier Rates

See in the picture below for TCS International Red Box rates

TCS International Courier Rates


What is the TCS helpline number?

The TCS helpline number is 111-123-456.

How can I track a TCS parcel using a mobile number?

Unfortunately, TCS doesn’t provide tracking through mobile numbers. They use tracking numbers for parcel tracking.

What services does TCS offer in Pakistan?

TCS offers courier and delivery services all over Pakistan. They also have printing services and help with sending gifts and sentiments.

How do I contact TCS for tracking assistance?

You can contact TCS for tracking by calling their helpline at 111-123-456 or through email at

Is there an online method to track TCS shipments in Pakistan?

Yes, you can track your TCS shipments online by visiting their tracking website and entering your tracking number.

How can I track my Daraz order using TCS?

You can track your Daraz order with TCS by using the TCS tracking number provided for your Daraz delivery.

How do I get in touch with TCS for inquiries or assistance?

You can reach out to TCS for inquiries or help by calling their helpline or using their email address provided on their website.

What are the different types of delivery services offered by TCS?

TCS offers different delivery services like Same Day Delivery, 2nd Day Delivery, and Time Choice Delivery, each with its own delivery speed and options.

How does TCS help with passport renewals for US citizens?

TCS helps US citizens renew passports by collecting the documents and sending them to the nearest US embassy, making the process convenient.

What are the specific features of the Express Flyer service by TCS?

The Express Flyer is a secure sealed bag service that ensures packages can’t be opened and re-sealed without showing signs of tampering.

Can TCS handle liquid shipments securely?

Yes, TCS accepts liquid shipments and packs them securely at their Express Centres to ensure safe delivery.

How does TCS assist students with their academic document delivery?

TCS offers Students Express, a service specifically for students to safely send academic documents to and from educational institutions worldwide.

What is the procedure for attesting documents through TCS?

TCS provides cost-effective and hassle-free document attestation services by managing the administration, verification, and secure delivery of attested documents.

Which countries does TCS connect to through its international network?

TCS connects to various countries worldwide through its international network, facilitating shipping to the UK, UAE, Europe, the USA, Canada, and more.

Tracking your TCS parcel can be done through various easy methods. Here are a few detailed ways to track your TCS parcel:

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