M&P Courier Tracking

Type your M&P courier tracking ID or logistic number in the search box given below and press the submit button. You’ll get all shipment information within no time!

M&P courier tracking

How To Track Your M&P Courier?

There are several easy and hassle free way for M&P courier tracking. But, here we only discuss the most easy and cost free methods.

M&P Courier Tracking Through website

Here we discuss how To track your shipment directly. first of all you can check your shipment on our website (trackcouriernow.com). Just Follow this instruction:

  • Locate the search field, which is above in this page
  • input your tracking number in the search box mentioned above in this post
  • Press the submit button to proceed

Another way to track courier, is to visit the M&P Courier website. Locate the tracking portal and enter your tracking ID or consignment number. This will provide you with the current status of your shipment. You will get the shipment status in detail, here is the sample format of the tracking result below.

M&P Courier Tracking On Official Mobile App

M&P Courier offers has launched their official mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. You only need to download the app and install it on your cell phone. Right after, open your app and input your tracking ID or consignment number. The app will display the real-time status of your shipment.

Contact M&P Courier Customer Service

If you encounter difficulties tracking your shipment using the above methods. You can reach out to M&P Courier customer service. They will assist you in tracking your shipment and providing necessary updates. Following is the M&P customer helpline: 021-111202202

Parcel Sample Status Sheet


Booking Date15-07-2023
Service TypeOvernight
Received ByTrack courier now
Origin / DestinationABOTABAD
Sample Status Sheet

Full detailed Status Sample

Date timeDetailsLocationStatus
7/17/2023 3:53:28 PMShipment has been Delivered.AbotabadDelivered
7/17/2023 2:15:02 PMShipment is Out for Delivery.AbotabadOn Delivery
7/17/2023 1:25:52 PMShipment has arrived at hub.AbotabadUnloading
7/17/2023 10:25:45 AMShipment has arrived at hub.ABOTABADUnloading
7/16/2023 9:33:24 AMShipment has departed.ABOTABADLoading
7/16/2023 2:22:22 AMShipment has departed.ISLAMABADLoading
7/16/20231:25:22 AMShipment has arrived at hub.Islamabad AirportUnloading
7/15/2023 7:53:58 PMShipment has arrived at origin facility.MultanArrived at OPS
7/15/2023 7:46:25 PMShipment has departed.MultanLoading
6/15/2023 4:57:40 PMShipment is booked.MultanBooking
Sample Status Sheet
m&P cash on delivery COD

M&P Courier Rates – Price Chart

Service TypeWeight (Kg)Price (PKR)
Overnight Document in Envelope0.5220
Overnight Document in Envelope1350
Overnight Document in Envelope2450
Same Day0.5570
Same Day1800
Same Day21099
48 Hours Delivery0.5150
48 Hours Delivery1220
48 Hours Delivery2440
72-92 Hours Delivery0.5100
72-92 Hours Delivery1130
72-92 Hours Delivery2150
Overnight Doc/Non Doc in Flyer0.5300
Overnight Doc/Non Doc in Flyer1600
Overnight Doc/Non Doc in Flyer2900
Overnight Parcel in Branded Box0.5400
Overnight Parcel in Branded Box1800
Overnight Parcel in Branded Box21200

Charges by distance

DistanceWeight (Kg)Price (PKR)
Within city0.5100
Within city1200
Within city2300

Charges by weight

Weight (Kg)Price (PKR)

Charges by service type

Service TypePrice (PKR)
Overnight Document in Envelope200
Same Day500
48 Hours Delivery100
72-92 Hours Delivery50
Overnight Doc/Non Doc in Flyer300
Overnight Parcel in Branded Box400

M&P Corporate Tracking and Features

Streamlined And Optimized Services

M&P Courier provides streamlined and optimized services tailored to corporate requirements. By partnering with Them, you can establish a professional relationship that yields dividends right from the start.

Warehousing, Storage, And COD Services

Muller & Phips is offering a wide range of services to corporate clients. These services include warehousing, storage, inventory management, billing, and COD (Cash on Delivery) services. You can also customize these services to meet your specific/particular needs.

Global Partnerships

MNP corporate has boasts partnerships with leading companies worldwide, spanning across more than 160 countries. They have established strong alliances with multinational companies. Also, It enables everyone to provide extensive reach and a global presence.

About M&P Courier (Overview)

With a dedicated team of 3500+ experts, M&P goes beyond the ordinary. M&P is providing safe, dependable, and inventive logistics solutions for the people of Pakistan. Moreover, Since its establishment in 1986, It has earned the unwavering trust of the nation, fostering an extensive network of over 1600 domestic and 200 international delivery destinations. Through their nationwide infrastructure, MNP brought affordable courier solutions to millions of Pakistanis and global citizens alike, astonishingly delivering over 20 million shipments each year. It has state-of-the-art cool-chain storage and efficient warehousing to meticulous inventory management for corporate clients. Additionally, M&P serves as the driving force for individuals to overcome obstacles and seamlessly accomplish their goals.

How Many Services M&P Offering?

Following are the services Company delivering:

Overnight Delivery

M&P Courier ensures your packages and documents arrive quickly, guaranteed by the next business day. Their dedicated team works all night to deliver promptly, meeting your deadlines effortlessly.

Same Day Delivery

If you need something delivered urgently, M&P Courier will do on same-day delivery. Their experienced couriers swiftly transport your critical items. Also, they ensure that your items reach recipients promptly and provide you convenience and peace of mind.

Second Day Delivery

For less time-sensitive shipments, M&P Courier offers reliable second-day delivery. This cost-effective option ensures your packages reach their destination within two business days, without compromising quality or security.

My Flyer

My Flyer delivery service is the most popular courier facility for lightweight materials like documents, flyers, and brochures. M&P service guarantees accurate and prompt distribution of your promotional or important materials.

m&P courier flyer

My Box

M&P Courier’s My Box service is designed for the secure transportation of large and bulk item transportation. It handles your packages with care and also ensures convenient and efficient delivery.

mP courier mybox

Value Added Services

M&P Courier is providing value-added services to enhance your shipping experience. You can enjoy real-time tracking, proof of delivery, insurance options, and personalized customer support, surpassing your expectations at every step.


M&P is providing international Courier shipping services since 2004. Without a doubt, they makes sure sending packages and documents across borders is simple, secure, and timely.

Key Busines Solutions Provided By M&P

Customized Temperature

M&P Courier offers customized temperature control for transportation. Our Cool Chain trucks maintain temperatures of 15°C to 30°C, making them perfect for transporting perishable goods like agricultural products, seafood, frozen food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs. We prioritize product safety, and quality, and provide extensive coverage, end-to-end delivery, live tracking, compliance with regulations, cost-effectiveness, real-time temperature monitoring, and trustworthiness.

This solution has additional advantages:

  • Real-time temperature monitoring with installed temperature examination inside the container.
  • Refrigeration system powered by dual sources: engine and 3-phase electricity.
  • Night vision cameras for continuous live video transmission and recording (depending on 3G Network availability).
  • Security locking system controlled by line haul management.
  • Two-way communication system in the cabin for uninterrupted communication with Line Haul Management 24/7.

Print & Distribution

M&P Courier offers a complete in-house “Bulk Mail Solution” for your printing and distribution needs. It’s comprehensive solution caters to various industries such as banks, education, insurance, utilities, telecom companies, real estate, builders, NGOs, and internet service providers. Their Print & Distribution service includes the stationary provision, data management, high-quality printing, stuffing, and sealing of mail. Although, doorstep delivery, step-by-step cycle monitoring, and customized reporting is very effective. You can also contact their customer-centric team for manages the above-mentioned processes to ensure a smooth and easy experience for you and your team.

M&P Adress and Contact

Head Office

Address: Plot No. C-118 & C-119 Sector 31-A Mehran Town Extension Korangi Road Karachi

Phone Number: 021 111 202 202

Contact E-Mail: contact@mulphilog.com

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