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If you are looking to track your one line shipment, then type the one tracking number. Click on button below and see all details about your package.

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One – Ocean Network Express

Ocean Network Express or ONE for short. One line is a shipment company which send packages to other locations across the ocean. Now, ONE isn’t just some small-time company. Nope, it’s a big deal! It’s based in two cool places: Singapore and Tokyo. And get this, it’s actually owned by not one, not two, but three Japanese shipping companies! They teamed up in 2016 to create ONE, kind of like super companies joining forces. By July 2017, ONE got even more serious. They set up important offices in Japan and Singapore to help keep everything running smoothly. It’s like they built their own headquarters. About numbers for a sec. In 2017, ONE had a whopping 1.4 million containers in its fleet. Just imagine all the stuff packed into those containers, zipping around the world like busy little bees!

If You’d sent a package and now You’d want to know where it is, right? Well, that’s where ONE comes in handy! They’ve got this super handy tool that’s like a GPS tracker for shipping containers. So, you just type in a special number from your shipping papers into the tracking tool which we give above in the page, and voila! You get a quick update on exactly where your package is sailing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ONE Line?

ONE Line is a big shipping company based in Singapore and Tokyo. It’s actually owned by three other shipping companies from Japan. They started ONE Line in 2016 by combining their container shipping businesses.

What does Ocean Network Express do?

Ocean Network Express is all about shipping containers and moving stuff around, especially by sea.

How do I track and trace ONE line containers?

To track ONE line containers, just use TrackCourierNow’s tool. You’ll need to type in a special number called the bill of lading number (also known as MBL). If you don’t have that, you can also use the container number or booking number you got from the seller.

Is TrackCourierNow’s Ocean Network container tracking tool free?

Yes, it’s free! You can track a certain number of shipments for free on TrackCourierNow’s platform. If you need more, you can upgrade for unlimited tracking and other cool features.

How can I use TrackCourierNow’s Ocean Network Express Line container tracking tool?

Using TrackCourierNow’s free tool is easy! Just type in the name of the carrier and the booking number into the search boxes.

Where do I get the One tracking number of my ONE-line shipment?

To find your tracking number, look on your receipt or invoice. You’ll find it there. It could be called the booking number, reference number, container number, or the Master Bill of Lading number.

When will my ONE line cargo shipment arrive?

Usually, ONE line shipments take 2-5 business days to arrive. But sometimes there are delays, especially if there’s a lot of traffic at the port. You can check real-time updates on port congestion using TrackCourierNow’s free database.

Can I track the sailing schedule of the ONE shipping line?

Yes, you can! TrackCourierNow has a free platform where you can check out all the sailing schedules for ONE line vessels.

What is the container freight rate for ONE shipping line?

If you want to know how much it costs to ship containers with ONE, you can use TrackCourierNow’s free Freight Rate Calculator platform. It’ll give you the rates for different container sizes.

How does TrackCourierNow’s Ocean Network tracking tool work?

TrackCourierNow’s tool uses special technology to collect real-time data on your shipments. It uses AI and something called Geofence to pinpoint where your stuff is.

How do I track my Ocean Network shipments without a booking number?

If you don’t have a booking number, don’t worry! You can still track your shipment by entering the container number or master bill of lading, along with the carrier name, on TrackCourierNow’s tracking platform.

Which maritime shipping giants operate extensively within the USA?

In the USA, Maersk Line and MSC are big players in the shipping world. Ocean Network Express (ONE) is another important player. Having ONE’s online tracking services on TrackCourierNow shows how significant these carriers are in the maritime industry. With their distinctive magenta-colored vessels, ONE has become known for being reliable. TrackCourierNow’s tracking feature for ONE Line makes ocean freight more transparent.

Why is my ONE line shipment delayed?

There could be lots of reasons why your shipment is delayed. Sometimes it’s because the port is really busy, or there might be issues with customs or delivery. It could also be because of problems with the documents.

How can I get container delay updates on ONE line shipments?

You can get updates on your ONE line shipment through email or WhatsApp. Just set up the integrations on TrackCourierNow’s tracking tool.

How accurate is the Ocean Network container tracking tool by TrackCourierNow?

TrackCourierNow’s tool gives you the latest updates on your shipments and lets you know about any delays right away.

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