What Is TCS? All About TCS Sevices And Offers

In Pakistan, TCS is the abbreviation for TCS (Tranzum Courier Services). It’s a well-known company that deals with delivering packages and managing logistics within Pakistan. TCS is one of the biggest courier services in the country and offers a wide range of services for sending packages, express deliveries, and handling logistical needs. TCS Pakistan provides courier services for both within the country and internationally. They have different options for delivery, such as fast delivery on the same day, next-day delivery, and more cost-effective economy delivery, depending on how quickly you need your package and your budget. TCS has many branches, drop-off points, and delivery hubs all over Pakistan, which helps them reach numerous cities and towns across the country. TCS Pakistan also offers tracking services, which means you can keep an eye on your shipments online by using a special tracking number. This way, you can stay updated on where your package is and get an estimate of when it will be delivered. All in all, TCS Pakistan has gained a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy courier company in Pakistan. They provide efficient and secure delivery services to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Services TCS Offers

TCS is the largest in Pakistan’s courier and logistics industry for its strong presence in the domestic market. Its Express Centres located across the country cater to a wide customer base and offer a variety of affordable solutions. Most importantly, TCS company handle both domestic and international shipments of documents and parcels. Moreover, they provide document attestation and visa dropbox services, offer branchless banking facilities, and provide comprehensive fulfillment services. Additionally, Their operations run 24/7, supported by dedicated retail teams and the largest delivery fleet in the country. Their commitment to high service standards ensures peace of mind for both individual and business customers, while also setting the benchmark for other courier and logistics companies in Pakistan.

Here are the key services TCS offers:

Overnight Express: Guaranteed delivery overnight.

Same Day Delivery: Expedited delivery within the same day.

Time Choice Delivery: Flexibility to choose a preferred delivery time.

RedBox: Secure and convenient locker-based delivery service.

Economy Express: Cost-effective shipping option for less urgent shipments.

Distribution: Efficient distribution of goods to multiple locations.

Warehousing: Storage and management of goods in the warehouses.

Express Flyer: Swift delivery of important documents.

Mehfooz Express: Specialized service for handling valuable and fragile items.

Liquid Shipments: Safe transportation of liquid-based products.

Students Express: Tailored services for students’ transportation needs.

Attestation Services: Assistance with document attestation procedures.

Ticketing Services: Booking of tickets for various modes of transportation.

PackNGo: Packaging services to ensure secure shipping.

Overland Express: Land-based delivery services for regional destinations.

COD & COD+: Cash on Delivery services for convenient payment options.

Payment Solutions: Diverse payment options for customers.

Shipment Insurance (CVI): Insurance coverage for shipped items.

TCS Fresh: Specialized handling and delivery of perishable goods.

E-com Solutions: Logistics support for e-commerce businesses.

Mailroom Management: Efficient management of incoming and outgoing mail.

Cold Chain Management: Temperature-controlled transportation for perishable goods.


TCS International courier and logistics operation is your reliable partner when it comes to shipping goods to and from Pakistan, both domestically and globally. The company offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your international shipping needs. Whether you require document services, discounted rates, or specialized solutions for specific sectors, they have you covered.

E-Commerce Solutions

Rapid Transformation and Impact

The e-commerce industry is experiencing unparalleled changes, particularly in Pakistan. The e-com sector in the country is in an exciting phase of exploration and growth. The future looks promising for local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, creating opportunities for businesses of all sizes to thrive and reach previously untapped customer bases.

Become TCS Parterne

With the booming e-commerce industry in Pakistan, TCS leads the way in bringing convenience to customers’ doorsteps. By eliminating physical barriers, TCS offers a plethora of benefits to customers, making their lives easier and more convenient. Partnering with TCS ensures a seamless experience for your customers.

COD and COD+: Hassle-free Payment and Reimbursement Options

TCS’s E-com division introduced Cash-on-Delivery (COD) services in 2006, offering tremendous advantages to home-based and small businesses. Today, COD is widely utilized by retail corporations due to its benefits. In 2022, TCS introduced COD+ to further enhance the COD experience for home-based businesses and cottage industries. COD+ allows for quick cash reimbursements without the need for a corporate or bank account, making it suitable for low-volume or infrequent deliveries.

Fulfillment Services: Comprehensive E-commerce Solutions

TCS is providing a comprehensive solution for all e-commerce needs, empowering online businesses without requiring them to invest in their own fulfillment facilities. The state-of-the-art Envio tool offered by TCS streamlines online business operations. Moreover, It is enabling users to effortlessly book and track multiple shipments, create location-specific cost centers, select from multiple pickup and delivery options, manage complaints, and facilitate return logistics. All of this can be achieved with just a few clicks, eliminating the burden of extensive paperwork.

Travel Services

Established in 2004, TCS Travel & Tours aims to become the preferred travel company, providing comprehensive travel services. They offer various options such as business trips, leisure vacations, group tours, and cruises to exciting locations. TCS Travel & Tours caters to both international and domestic travel needs, collaborating with major airlines. Although, Umrah Packages With a well-developed global network, TCS stands out in providing excellent hospitality to pilgrims visiting sacred places. They offer customized Umrah packages that cover visas, flights, insurance, accommodation, and transportation, accommodating different budgets. Additionally, Business Travel TCS is a one-stop solution for individual and group business travel. They provide a wide range of services, including consultancy, flight booking, hotel reservations, concierge assistance, travel insurance, and visa facilitation, collaborating with major airlines.

Without a doubt, Domestic/International Tours, TCS Travel & Tours offers value-added services such as visa facilitation, consultancy, flight booking, hotel reservations, concierge assistance, and travel insurance. Their exceptional visa processing, arrival assistance, hotel accommodation, and transportation services have earned praise from local and international partners. They cater to a wide range of travel needs, including business trips, leisure vacations, group tours, cruises to exotic destinations, and religious pilgrimages. TCS strives to go the extra mile to assist its customers.

TCS Visatronix

TCS offers convenient visa services, including visa Dropbox and value-added facilitation. With dedicated teams in eleven major Pakistani cities, The Courier company handles over 100,000 visa applications annually. Visa Application Centres are fully equipped with a Quality Management System to ensure efficient and secure handling of applications. In addition, It provides comfortable waiting lounges, dedicated counters for senior citizens and special needs individuals, and services like document scanning, photocopying, faxing, printing, emailing, and biometric data verification. Applicants receive SMS alerts about their application status, and helplines offer further assistance.


On-Call Pickup is a service provided by TCS for corporate customers. It allows you to schedule a convenient pickup for your shipment from your chosen location. Call the helpline (111 123 456) to schedule.

TCS follows government and law enforcement instructions and takes necessary precautions during emergencies. During the COVID-19 crisis, TCS has comprehensive contingency plans to ensure smooth operations and deliveries based on advice from authorities like the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Returned to Shipper’ means the shipment was returned to the original shipper due to reasons like refusal by the intended consignee, address not found, or multiple failed delivery attempts.

You can enter one tracking number in one line, add a space between each tracking number, or separate the tracking numbers with commas.

The courier will try to hand the shipment to a representative present at the address and obtain a signature as proof of delivery. If no one is available, the courier will leave a message and attempt delivery again the following day. Certain sensitive shipments can only be received by the consignee or their blood relative.

Yes, TCS delivers on holidays in specific cities: Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. For more details, call: 111 123 456.

The company is liable to pay the lost insured shipment at market value. For uninsured shipments, TCS’s liability is limited as per the terms and conditions of carriage.

The shipper is responsible for all return/redirection duties, taxes applicable at the destination, and Return to Origin (RTO) charges.

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