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You can now Track your DPD parcel or shipment here by just entering your parcel number in the search field and pressing the “Track Now” button. You will instantly get your shipment status below by using our DPD Tracking Tool.

DPD Tracking Number Format & Examples

DPD tracking numbers often consist of 14 digits. These formats may differ by area or service type, these are such as numeric characters or 12-digit alphanumeric formats. DPD Tracking number formats are for its various subsidiaries and services. Following are the examples:
DPD UK: 12 or 14 alphanumeric characters (e.g. 07984561254756 or WEYHNBVZXSGOWG)
DPD Germany: 12-digit numeric format (e.g., 90871438765543)
DPD France: 12 to 14-digit numeric format (e.g., 76328765AF56A4)

About DPD

DPD, or Dynamic Parcel Distribution, excels in parcel delivery services It has been operating across Europe from day one. It was Established in 1977 in Germany. DPD is primarily serving in European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland. In addition, it is also working in Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland). Moreover, It should be noted that DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) also operates in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Including Europe, DPD also offers to deliver shipments/parcel delivery services to outside European countries through many other big giant partnerships.

DPD Service Types

Domestic Shipping: If you are looking for Reliable options for in-country parcel deliveries to suit the sender’s needs, Then DPD is the must-have choice.
International Shipping: This is another service which is Seamless worldwide shipping with varying transit times and rates.
Express Shipping: Swift, time-sensitive deliveries both domestically and internationally

Predict and Follow My Parcel: Real-time parcel tracking with one-hour delivery window estimation.
Pickup Network: Convenient parcel collection from various pickup points. Business Solutions Customized services for e-commerce, API integration, and returns management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DPD?

DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution, a top-tier European parcel delivery service.

Where was DPD founded?

DPD originated in Germany in 1977.

What services does DPD offer?

DPD provides domestic and international shipping, express delivery, parcel tracking, and business solutions.

What is “Predict & Follow My Parcel”?

It’s an advanced tracking feature with a one-hour delivery window estimate.

Does DPD have pickup points?

Yes, DPD offers a network of pickup points for convenient parcel collection.

Which countries does DPD serve?

Primarily European countries, and with limited services outside Europe.

What’s the DPD tracking number format?

Typically 14 digits, but formats may vary based on location or service type.

How can I track my DPD parcel?

Use the tracking number on DPD’s website or contact customer support.

What do different tracking statuses mean?

Statuses include successful delivery, returns, delays, and more.

How can I verify DPD services in my area?

Visit DPD’s website or contact customer support for location-specific information.

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