UDS Tracking – Track Your UDS Shipment, UDS Tracking Number, Delivery Notice, And Order Reference Number

Type your Universal Delivery Service (UDS) tracking number in the form given below and tap on the “Track Now” button. You will get instant real-time delivery status of your package.

Say Goodbye to Tracking Hassles

With our tool for UDS Tracking, you can say goodbye to the hassle of tracking packages from multiple carriers. Our comprehensive platform consolidates tracking information from various sources into a single, user-friendly interface. No more hopping between websites or apps; you have all your tracking needs under one roof.

Real-Time Updates for Peace of Mind

Staying informed about the whereabouts of your packages is crucial, especially if you’re expecting time-sensitive deliveries. We understand this, and that’s why we provide real-time tracking updates. You can track your packages dispatched through Universal Delivery Service, every step of the way, from the moment they leave the warehouse until they reach your doorstep. No more wondering where your packages are; with our Tracking tool, you’re always in the know.

What Is UDS?

Universal Delivery Service (UDS). A USA-based regional parcel carriers Company that offers several advantages over national and international carriers, including improved customer service, faster delivery, and proprietary technology for real-time package visibility. UDS is a regional parcel carrier that offers these benefits at competitive prices. Contact UDS today for a free shipping evaluation and see how you can save 10% or more.

What Is The UDS Tracking Number?

A UDS Tracking Number is a unique identifier assigned to each shipment by United Delivery Service (UDS). This number, typically in the form of a barcode, is used to track the shipment’s progress from pickup to delivery. You can track your UDS shipment using the barcode on your shipping confirmation email or by entering the barcode on the UDS website.

Delivery Notice

A Delivery Notice is a document that informs the recipient of a shipment that it has been delivered or is scheduled to be delivered. The Delivery Notice typically includes the shipment’s tracking number, delivery date, and recipient information.

Order Reference Number

An Order Reference Number is a unique identifier assigned to each order by the seller. This number is used to track the order’s status from placement to fulfillment. You can typically find your Order Reference Number on your order confirmation email or invoice.

In summary:

  • A UDS Tracking Number is used to track the progress of a shipment.
  • A Delivery Notice informs the recipient that their shipment has been delivered.
  • An Order Reference Number is used to track the status of an order.

UDS Services

United Deliver Service provides many services to customers and E-commerce businesses. let’s discover the United delivery services and features.

Same Day Delivery

Same Day Delivery is a rapidly growing service level that is becoming increasingly popular among businesses that want to provide their customers with the fastest possible delivery options. United Delivery Service (UDS) is a company that specializes in providing Same Day Delivery solutions to both online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Benefits of Using UDS for Same Day Delivery:

  • Flexible service choices: UDS offers a variety of Same Day Delivery options to meet your specific needs.
  • Immediate response: UDS will respond to your requests for Same Day Delivery immediately.
  • Delivery seven days a week: UDS provides Same Day Delivery seven days a week, so you can get your products to your customers even on weekends.
  • Real-time tracking: You can track your Same Day deliveries in real time using UDS’s online tracking tools.
  • Delivery confirmation: You will receive email, text message, and smartphone app notifications when your Same Day deliveries are completed.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting: UDS provides you with performance monitoring and reporting data so you can track the success of your Same Day Delivery program.
  • Local region service teams: UDS has local region service teams that can provide you with personalized support.
  • API and XML integration options: UDS offers API and XML integration options so you can integrate their Same Day Delivery services with your existing systems.

If you are a business that is looking to provide Same Day Delivery to your customers, UDS is a great option to consider. They offer a wide range of services and benefits that can help you improve your customer service and increase your sales.

Next Day Delivery Service

United Delivery Service (UDS) is a regional parcel carrier that offers Next Day Delivery service to businesses in the Illinois, Indiana, Waukegan, and Wisconsin areas. UDS has one-day service hubs strategically located throughout the region to ensure timely deliveries.

Benefits of Using UDS for Next Day Delivery:

  • Extended critical pull times: UDS offers extended critical pull times, which means you have more time to prepare your shipments for delivery.
  • Accelerated delivery times: UDS’s infrastructure is flexible and nimble, which allows them to accommodate your customers’ special requirements and deliver your shipments faster than national carriers.
  • Customized cost-savings: UDS works with you to develop a customized Next Day Delivery plan that meets your specific needs and budget.
  • Residential delivery experts: 75% of UDS’s next day shipments are residential, and they have a proven track record of delivering shipments to homes before 8pm daily.
  • Fee-flexible accessorials: UDS offers a variety of fee-flexible accessorials to meet your specific needs.
  • Easy, comprehensive invoicing: UDS makes it easy to manage your Next Day Delivery costs with their easy, comprehensive invoicing system.
  • Saturday and Sunday delivery: UDS offers Saturday and Sunday delivery for businesses that need to get their products to their customers even on weekends.
  • Tracking API: UDS provides a Tracking API so you can track your Next Day deliveries in real time.
  • Custom OS & D and performance reporting: UDS provides you with custom OS & D (On-Time and In-Full Delivery) and performance reporting data so you can track the success of your Next Day Delivery program.
  • Flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions: UDS’s flexible infrastructure allows them to quickly adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.
  • Wide range of transportation options: UDS offers a wide range of transportation options to meet your specific needs, including vans, trucks, and trailers.
  • Fully integrated with your WMS/TMS: UDS can be fully integrated with your WMS (Warehouse Management System) or TMS (Transportation Management System) for end-to-end visibility.
  • Central customer service: UDS provides central customer service so you can get help with your Next Day deliveries quickly and easily.

Last Mile Delivery

Delivering goods to the end customer, known as the “last mile,” is a crucial step in the supply chain. Achieving seamless last-mile logistics involves collaboration among all parties involved, from manufacturers and distributors to logistics providers and the final customer.

UDS is able to tap into its network of carriers and logistics partners to help facilitate a seamless supply chain for you no matter the bottleneck.

United Delivery Service (UDS) recognizes the importance of collaboration in last-mile logistics. They leverage their extensive network of carriers and logistics partners to overcome any obstacles that might hinder a smooth delivery process. By tapping into these partnerships, UDS can provide alternative solutions and navigate any supply chain bottlenecks effectively.

United Delivery’s technology-enabled platform allows for the ultimate agility and transparency.

UDS employs a technology-driven platform that empowers their clients with agility and transparency. This platform facilitates efficient communication, real-time tracking, and proactive problem-solving, ensuring that all stakeholders are kept informed and involved.

Which is why they enable their clients to take advantage of our excess capacity and carrier relationships.

UDS recognizes that excess capacity and strong carrier relationships are valuable assets that can benefit their clients. By providing access to these resources, UDS empowers its clients to optimize their logistics operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Vetted network of carriers:

UDS maintains a carefully vetted network of carriers, ensuring that their clients are connected with reliable and experienced partners. This network extends their reach and capabilities, allowing them to handle a wide range of shipping needs and delivery challenges.


UDS’s technology platform and network of partners provide flexibility, enabling them to adapt to changing demands and market conditions. They can quickly adjust their strategies to meet the evolving needs of their clients and the dynamic logistics landscape.

Network Optimization:

UDS utilizes network optimization techniques to streamline and optimize their logistics operations. This results in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced delivery times for their clients.

Additional capacity even during peak times:

Anticipating peak seasons and periods of high demand, UDS secures additional capacity from their carrier partners. This ensures that they can meet their clients’ needs even during periods of increased volume, preventing disruptions and delays.

One platform for freight booking and tracking:

UDS provides a centralized platform for freight booking and tracking, offering clients convenience and visibility into their shipments. This single platform simplifies the logistics process and provides real-time updates on shipment status.

Routed Delivery

When your business requires regular deliveries to multiple locations, United Delivery Service (UDS) is the trusted partner to ensure your routed projects are handled with precision and efficiency. Whether you have one or many locations, UDS will meticulously schedule and deliver your shipments consistently and timely, adhering to your specific requirements. For your peace of mind, UDS’s proprietary software provides real-time visibility into the progress of your shipments, allowing you to track deliveries and manage costs effectively.

UDS understands the critical nature of your routed shipments and has developed a sophisticated software platform that optimizes route configurations to align with your customer requirements while minimizing costs. This commitment to cost-effectiveness ensures that your routed deliveries are not only seamless but also budget-friendly.

Entrust your routed projects to UDS and experience the benefits of optimized routing solutions, a customized delivery management web portal, 100% real-time visibility, mobile technology, and cost-effectiveness. With UDS, your routed deliveries are in expert hands, ensuring your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

UDS Tracking Customer Service Number

UDS tracking Customer service E-Mail: sales@uniteddeliveryservice.com

UDS Tracking Customer Service Number: (630) 930-5201

UDS Office Address

United delivery service office is Located in Terrace Executive Center, 1S376 Summit Ave #1f, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181.

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